A short description of the new recruit recruitment

A short description of the new recruit recruitment

So you”ve decided to start learning Java. Besides attending courses, you need patience. A lot of patience. And desire. Although this is not enough. For a successful start, you need to acquire / familiarize yourself with the following things:

1. JDK

A set of standard libraries and classes you won”t get far without. That is, you won”t go anywhere at all. I will not describe how to install this into my system, if only because everything has been planned for a long time (and no one will pay me for it). Google to the rescue. We hammer into the search “how to install jdk on [your OS name]”.

2. Development environment and additional software.

2.1 Eclipse.
Feature-rich, fairly simple (you”ll see its simplicity after a few lessons), and will report explicit errors in your code before compiling. You can find out more in Google or in one of the previous posts.

Note: I highly recommend downloading Luna and only her. There are no heaps of unnecessary (yet) plugins and add-ons. And what there is is enough with the head. + do not forget to google how to connect the basic JDK libraries to the development environment (a simple operation in a few clicks).

2.2 Notepad ++
Multifunctional notepad. What for? For the Glory of Satan of course! It”s just that sometimes it”s faster and easier to look at the code in notepad than to launch Eclipse. This one has some very useful features like comparing two text files and syntax highlighting depending on the programming language you choose.

2.3 TeamViewer
“TeamViewer establishes a connection to any PC or server in the world in just a few seconds. You can remotely control your partner”s computer as if you were sitting at it. ” ©

You must have it. Allows another member of your team or instructor to review and correct your code, without the need to import to another computer.

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