What projects should a novice programmer do?
Goals for Programmers

What projects should a novice programmer do?

You need to understand that the goals of learning programming can be different, it fundamentally depends on where to start. If you learn a language for yourself, so to speak, for general development, then you can do absolutely any project. It doesn’t matter whether you sort the files on the disk or write robots. Since there is no specific goal, then the tasks may be different.
It is quite another matter if you learn a language in order to completely move into the realm of programming and work. In this case, it is necessary to look for such projects, the value of which is higher from the point of view of the customer. It is with the help of these projects that you, as a beginner programmer, will find it easier to get a job in the future.

I will speak on the example of Java, but in fact the language can be any.

Commercial projects only!

Remember: the project must be commercial. Ideally, someone would order this project. But when you are just starting out, finding a client is not easy. Therefore, we take the option a little easier the software must be needed useful to someone. If it doesn’t work out that way, we simplify the task at least you should need this project. Those. you are really going to use it. It must be commercially successful for at least one user you.
Do you understand what I mean? A project for a project’s sake, just for show, nobody needs it. It should be potentially useful. Keep it simple. No need to come up with 48 social networks, CRM, mail server or something else like that. You simply do not have the strength and skills for such a powerful project. Just think of a small, simple software with useful functionality.
For example, you worked as a marketer before and it is not convenient for you to constantly generate utm tags. Make yourself a small application that generates long urls with utm tags. If you work in logistics, create software that calculates the numbers you need from the entered data. Yes, all this can be done in Excel, or you can create a program that is convenient for you. Then all this can be beautifully designed hire an inexpensive designer who will paint the face of your program for ridiculous money. And now you have an application that you are not ashamed to put on your resume. Those. your resume will already contain a good project that you can really use. What problem the software solves is up to you yourself, but the main thing is that it is useful and has real value. In the end, you can create some kind of chatbot for Telegram, you can write it in any language.
Even if it is a very small project. But it has to be sleek, pretty, and look like a commercial proposal. Firstly, you will get an important experience, and secondly, in the eyes of the client, such software will look more weighty.

Once again in a nutshell

  • Come up with a simple, but useful (if only for you) software.
  • Thinking over the functionality, it can be completely primitive.
  • Hire a designer and give the program a presentable look and feel.
  • Submit the project in your resume, indicate yourself as a developer.

If you are too lazy to come up with software yourself, get involved in an Open Source project. It can be a committer for an Open source project (Apache) or an iGov. Participate there, commit. You will get a good resume, work in a team, and be able to solve real work problems.

All. Believe me, you will immediately stand out against the background of all those people who wrote projects a la like labs from a manual useless, unnecessary and often crooked.

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